Orthodontic Braces Near Me

Orthodontic Braces Near Me

Orthodontic treatment choices

In today's world of expanding choices when it comes to creating smiles and aligning teeth, there are many options. Everyone is advertising teeth alignment services. Sometimes, one product is advertised as the best thing on Earth.

Orthodontics is local

what should you look for? Good treatment requires careful monitoring, tweaking, and reassessment.

1) an orthodontic specialist

Orthodontists are all dentists. Then, after being among the top of their dental school classes, they elected to attend an Orthodontic residency where they spent an additional 2-3 years full-time dedicated exclusively to orthodontics.

The experience a typical dentist gets to orthodontics in school is incredibly limited. To get the best possible result, trust your smile to a specialist. Practice makes perfect!

2) How do i know if my dentist is an orthodontic specialist?

In order to legally call yourself an orthodontist, they promise to only practice orthodontics. Therefore, if your "orthodontist" is also doing fillings and crowns, they're not a specialist.

When you call to set up an appointment for a consultation (free at most offices) ask if the doctor attended a 2-3 year orthodontic residency.

Your smile is important enough to trust to a specialist!

Do they take my insurance?

If you have it, take advantage of it. Ask!

Do they offer payment plans?

Orthodontic treatment is affordable with monthly payments. Most offices can tailor them to your needs.

How many consultations do I need?

If you like the office, one is fine. If you're not sure, get another consultation or two.

orthodontics office

After visiting 2-3 offices you'll understand the similarities and differences. If you visit an orthodontic specialist, your teeth are in good hands.

Do they insist on having a dental visit in the past 6 months before starting?

A good team will ask if you've had a dental checkup in the past 6 months. A healthy mouth is key!

What do other patients say (reviews)?

While reviews don't mean everything, they are worth considering.

Are there examples of the smiles of past patients?

Some offices have a smile gallery of past patients so you can see what your smile might look like.

How hard is it to get an appointment?

If you need to wait 3 months to see the doctor, it might be tricky to get braces there.

Utah County Braces

When finding the right place for braces, be sure they are in your city or area, since you'll need to make several trips over the course of treatment.

If you're in Utah County, come by Orem Orthodontics to get your free consultation. We'll let you know if braces, Invisalign, or in-house aligners are best and what is most affordable in your case.

Orthodontist Near Me

If you want braces or Invisalign and you don't live in Utah, you can find local orthodontists on Google Maps.