Why Choose Us?

What Drives Us


Orthodontics is teamwork. You want a team that's going to remember that there's a human behind that smile.


We've all been "in the chair" as patients ourselves. We work relentlessly towards giving every one of our patients a unique, beautiful smile. However, it makes a big difference when a doctor will listen to your unique needs beyond simply focusing on what would look good in an orthodontic textbook.

attention to detail

From adjusting the edges of teeth to reviewing your brushing, we focus on the little things that make your result great. We've even texted patients weekly to keep up with their rubber band wear!


It's a busy world. While you value straight teeth and a healthy bite, the reality is you have lots of other important things competing for time in your life. Do I really need to come into the office that often?

At Orem Orthodontics, we prioritize treatment modalities that minimize the number of visits you need to be in the office. When possible, virtual consultations, texts to staff about questions, and the methods we use are optimized to reduce the number of visits you need to make in the office.


There are many ways to align teeth, as well as different methods at various ages. What is going to provide the best value in the long term? At Orem Orthodontics, we look at the big picture of orthodontics and dental health over the course of a patient's lifetime. We pride ourselves on helping patients maximize their resources on getting the highest return on investment in their smiles.