Foods to Avoid w Braces

2 most common questions about foods to avoid when wearing braces and easy answer!

August 9, 2022

Braces are tiny, precise engineering marvels. On the other hand, the mouth is a REALLY demanding place. The chewing muscles are some of the strongest in the human body, and our sharp teeth are the strongest materials in our bodies. Now--think about a sensitive machine surviving for a year or more in that tough place!

It's no wonder it's super important to keep braces working by treating them nicely. At Orem Orthodontics, we say straightening teeth is a team sport! Working together, you can get the smile you want in the shortest possible time.

So what can you do to keep your tiny tooth machines working? Orthodontic offices give patients lists of foods to avoid eating. It's long! 

That raises two questions: 

1) How can I memorize all these foods to avoid?

2) Can i eat anything I like?

The answer to both is the same TWO THINGS:

1) Avoid anything REALLY HARD

2) Avoid anything REALLY STICKY

Just remember that! 

For some patients, that's good enough. But others want to know:


1) HARD things can snap the braces right off your teeth! The glue we use to attach braces is really strong, but remember, the mouth is a rough place, with strong muscles and sharp, hard teeth. Not much can stand up to that.

2) STICKY things can get caught in braces and pull at wires and braces parts. sticky things aren't usually as bad as hard things, but they still can cause issues and pull out wires and such.

BONUS: Orthodontists are dental specialists, so we were all dentists first. So we always say to minimize sugary, acidic drinks. That means SODA/POP/COKE (depending on what you call it at home!) and too much fruit juice and energy drinks. Basically, anything sugary and acidic can cause permanent white scars and cavities if you don't clean your teeth well. 

One trick is to drink those drinks through a straw and swish with water when you're finished (or better yet, brush with fluoride toothpaste).

The benefits to doing all this are straight, beautiful, stain-free teeth and a shorter time in braces.

Let's keep those tiny tooth marvels working!