Can i get orthodontics if i've had gum disease?

Can I get Orthodontic treatment if I've had gum disease and bone loss?

August 24, 2022

can you get orthodontic treatment if you've had gum disease and bone loss?

Gum disease, called periodontal disease by dental professionals, reduces the amount of bone that retain teeth. Since teeth need bone to move through in orthodontics, not having enough bone can be a concern. 

An important distinction in these cases is if the bone loss caused by periodontal disease is ongoing or only happened in the past

However, a study released in June 2022 showed that "Orthodontic treatment after periodontal stabilization does not have any detrimental effect" and in fact "may add to the benefits achieved by periodontal treatment alone." 

In other words, once gum disease has been taken care of and is being continually monitored with regular dental checkups and cleanings (with the help of a periodontal specialist as needed), orthodontic treatment is NOT detrimental and will not contribute to further gum disease problems. In fact, the study suggested that orthodontic treatment in these cases may even have some benefits to the height of the bone that hold the teeth.

For more information, see "Effect of orthodontic treatment on periodontal health of periodontally compromised patients"